Keeping Faith series two will feature “a lot more” of Evan Howells

Actor Bradley Freegard has revealed his character is back to try to "make amends" after that shock series one ending

Eve Myles and Bradley Freegard (Getty)

The first series of Keeping Faith revolved around the sudden disappearance of Evan Howells, and how his wife Faith was drawn into a web of conspiracy and lies in his absence.


Having been missing in action for much of the series, the final episode saw Evan reappear out of nowhere in a dramatic twist which shocked viewers.

Now the actor who plays Evan, Bradley Freegard, has revealed that we should expect to see Evan “a lot more” in series two.

Speaking at the BFI and Radio Times Television Festival, Freegard said: “He’s back, a lot more. We find out a lot more about obviously where he’s been and the process of him trying to make amends, in some respects. Whether he does or not, I can’t say.”

Eve Myles returns for a new series of Welsh drama Keeping Faith (BBC)
Eve Myles returns for a new series of Welsh drama Keeping Faith (BBC)

Reflecting on what it was like when she first read about Evan’s return in the script, Faith actress Eve Myles – who is married to Freegard in real life – said, “I was sitting at the island in the kitchen and I got to the end and I just went, ‘No. Way.’

“I threw the script and [Bradley] went, ‘Shall I read it?’ and I went, ‘No, not yet.’”

Freegard added jokingly about his reappearance in the final episode: “I’m just so relieved that it made the edit!”


Keeping Faith series two will air from Sunday 12th May on S4C as Welsh language version Un Bore Mercher. The drama will return to BBC1 in summer 2019