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Keeping Faith viewers in disarray over shock series finale

Some people were devastated the Welsh drama had come to an end - while others were just plain baffled

Published: Tuesday, 6th November 2018 at 10:54 am

The finale of Keeping Faith on BBC1 has left viewers reeling with its surprising twists and shock revelations.


People have a lot of questions after the last episode, and are already wondering where the confirmed second series could go next.

***Warning: this article contains spoilers for the last episode of Keeping Faith***

As if Faith Howells’ week couldn’t get any worse, the last episode saw her in despair when her young daughter Alys went missing.

The small-town lawyer, played by Eve Myles, refused to pay corrupt Swansea CID officers for her daughter’s return, and with the help of Arthur Davies eventually managed to turn the tables on them.

However things got a bit sticky when Faith called her colleague Cerys Jones asking her not to report the case – without knowing that Cerys had already done so seconds before.

And one final twist to send viewers into disarray was when Faith got back home to be confronted with her missing husband Evan, who simply walked out of the house with their children.

Given that Evan’s disappearance has been the mystery at the centre of the entire series, fans were gobsmacked by his shock return.

Star Eve Myles, as she has throughout the series, won praise for her performance in the final act.

There were some fans, however, who were left “totally confused" by the finale...

BBC1 has confirmed a second series of Keeping Faith, meaning answers could be forthcoming… but who knows how long the wait will be?

We'll just have to keep the faith until then and, for now, we'll leave the final word to Myles herself.


This article was originally published on 31 August 2018


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