Weary of Wimbledon? Worn out by the World Cup? BBC1 have you covered. Gripping Wales-based drama Keeping Faith, starring Eve Myles, is returning to TV after it was first transmitted on BBC Wales earlier this year, followed by a record-breaking iPlayer run.


Here’s everything you need to know about where to watch Keeping Faith on TV.

What time is Keeping Faith on TV?

Keeping Faith is returning to the BBC following its success on iPlayer earlier this year.

The series airs on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC1, beginning Thursday 12th July.

What is Keeping Faith about?

Faith Howells (Eve Myles) finds her life completely upended when her husband and business partner Evan (Bradley Freegard) mysteriously disappears on his way to work.

She is on maternity leave after giving birth to her third child, but she is soon forced to return to to working at her law practice to cover Evan's absence – while desperately searching for answers about her husband.

Is Evan safe? Why has he gone? And what is going on underneath the surface?

The drama has already become a bit of a word-of-mouth sensation, with fans outside Wales watching on iPlayer in record numbers – prompting BBC1 to pick it up for a primetime slot this summer.

"I think it has been a response to the response," says director and producer Pip Broughton. "Because there has been so much heat around it, from Twitter and iPlayer, I think BBC1 recognised that there was a place for it."

Wasn't it also filmed in the Welsh language?

It was! The "bilingual drama" was broadcast on S4C in Welsh (with the title "Un Bore Mercher"), and on BBC Wales in English. Now the English version will air on BBC1.

So how did this work?

The show was filmed concurrently in both Welsh and English, with "back to back" filming where two versions of each scene were shot (one in each language), meaning star Eve Myles (who has not a Welsh speaker) had to learn her lines in both languages.

"In the end we were essentially making two shows," director and producer Pip Broughton tells RadioTimes.com. "We were making a Welsh language show which was in four commercial parts, to run at just over 50 minutes, and we were making a one-hour version for the BBC which was in English without commercial breaks in it.

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"So they had quite a different rhythm to them In the English version there's more introspective tonal parts, whereas the Welsh version – because it's shorter, it's slightly more driven as a thriller."

Will there be a second series of Keeping Faith?

Yes! Series two of the BBC Wales drama has already been announced.

"When we set the series up, we were very very clear that this was a returning series," Broughton reveals. "It wasn't one where we did one series and then people suggested more, and we had to invent. We conceived a three series arc right from the outset."

The series is currently in development, with many more "stories and secrets" to tell.


Keeping Faith airs on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC1

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