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Keeping Faith cast reunite as series two begins production

Eve Myles, Aneirin Hughes and Catherine Ayers are all back – along with Bradley Freegard as missing husband Evan Howells

Published: Tuesday, 6th November 2018 at 10:57 am

Keeping Faith series two is officially in production – and it looks like mysteriously missing husband Evan Howells is going to be right at the centre of the action this time round.


The cast have been pictured together at the readthrough for the script for Keeping Faith series two, the Welsh drama that became a BBC iPlayer hit earlier in 2018.

Eve Myles returns to star as Faith Howells, but it's the appearance of her co-star Bradley Freegard who will get fans talking.

Bradley Freeguard, Eve Myles, Catherine Ayres and Aneirin Hughes at the readthrough for Keeping Faith series two (BBC)

At the end of series one (SPOILERS), husband Evan made a seemingly miraculous return after being missing for almost the whole of the series.

Faith had given up her husband for dead following the revelations about his criminal dealings, but the final scene showed him emerging from their house with their children as if nothing had happened.

Series two, written by Matthew Hall and Pip Broughton, will begin to reveal what happens next, as Faith attempts to pick up the pieces of her life and marriage.

Keeping Faith: the cast reunite as production begins on series two (BBC)

Eve Myles said, “I’m thrilled that this brilliantly written drama found such a place in the audience’s heart and I’m so excited to be back in the beautiful west Wales landscape working with a terrifically creative and talented team - it’s a joy.”

The first series was broadcast in Welsh as Un Bore Mercher, then in English on BBC1 Wales. The series became a record breaker on iPlayer, and eventually received a prime time broadcast on BBC1.

Nick Andrews, BBC Wales’ Head of Commissioning, said, “And breathe … Keeping Faith 2 is in production. What happens next to Faith is anyone’s guess but what’s beyond doubt is Eve Myles’ ability to captivate the nation for a second time."

An air date for Keeping Faith series two has yet to be confirmed.


This article was originally published on 4 October 2018


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