Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith worked out that she’s his great great grandma…

The two former Doctor Who stars play members of the British royal family but in different eras

Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman

When you’ve played a time travelling duo and then each get cast as a historic member of the royal family, maybe things can get a little confusing because Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith have been working out how they’re related to each other in terms of their royal lineage…


Coleman plays Queen Victoria in ITV drama Victoria, while Smith is Queen Elizabeth II’s husband Prince Philip in Netflix series The Crown, meaning their characters were born over a hundred years apart, yet are related by marriage.

“We tried to work out what relationship [me and Matt] had in fictional life to one another,” Coleman told The Telegraph. “We think I’m technically his great, great grandma.”

She’s right, Queen Victoria was indeed great-great-grandmother to Prince Philip, and to his wife Queen Elizabeth  II, making them third cousins.


Frankly, these royal family trees are even more compliacted than time travel…