Watch the first trailer for Amazon’s Jack Ryan TV series

John Krasinski will play the CIA analyst who goes from a desk job to a dangerous anti-terrorism mission

Jack Ryan Amazon

One moment you’re telling people about your dull desk job at the State Department, the next thing you know there’s a helicopter landing in the middle of your garden party and you’re being hustled away and sent on an anti-terror mission to Yemen.


The first trailer for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has dropped, featuring John Krasinski (of The Office and A Quiet Place fame) as an up-and-coming CIA analyst who finds himself suddenly at the centre of the action – and it looks like there will be a LOT of action.

Based on the character created by novelist Tom Clancy, the eight-part Amazon series follows Jack Ryan as he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communications (by “following the money”). So off he goes on his first field assignment as he battles a new breed of terrorism that threatens horrific global destruction.

Jack Ryan has previously been played by everyone from Harrison Ford to Alec Baldwin to Ben Affleck and Chris Pine, but Amazon has promised this will be “a reinvention with a modern sensibility” and an “original storyline”.

Starring alongside Krasinski is Abbie Cornish as Jack’s fiancee Cathy Muller, a doctor specialising in infectious diseases. Wendall Pierce plays James Greer, Jack’s boss and a former case officer for the CIA.


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will launch on Amazon Prime Video on 31st August 2018

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