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Exclusive – Chris Lang discusses potential for Innocent season 3

The second season starred Katherine Kelly as a teacher charged with murdering a schoolboy.

Published: Friday, 21st May 2021 at 1:54 pm

Innocent creator Chris Lang has revealed he hopes the ITV murder mystery "will be a returning series", with a third season potentially on the cards.


Innocent season two concluded on Thursday night with a dramatic twist for viewers (you can read our spoiler-filled recap of the Innocent ending).

Speaking exclusively to ahead of season two, Lang confirmed that he'd also be interested in penning a third standalone season.

"I mean, that was always the intention, that this will be a returning series," he said. "And each time we told the new story; there's lots of precedent for that at the moment – lots of shows that really successfully come back with a completely new standard story. The Syndicate is doing really well, [and] lots in America."

Season two was set in the Lake District, and followed Sally Wright, a former English teacher (played by Katherine Kelly in the Innocent cast) who returns to her childhood home town after spending five years in prison for a murder she did not commit.

And unlike season one, starring Lee Ingleby (Criminal: UK), viewers knew that Katherine Kelly’s character was not guilty of murder from the start.

Jamie Bamber plays Sam Wright in Innocent season two ITV

The drama series received acclaim but it seems that, for now, Lang is focusing his attention on the return of another one of his TV creations: Unforgotten.

Speaking exclusively to, the Unforgotten creator teased Nicola Walker's replacement for season five, and confirmed that the mysterious new character would be another woman. "We're moving into a new iteration of the show," he added.


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