It was one of BBC3's biggest drama hits, and over two years after poignant zombie drama In the Flesh was cancelled, fans are still desperately seeking closure.


A year ago heard from creator Dominic Mitchell that he was still working on bringing the series back from the dead, and it seems he is still working to resurrect In the Flesh.

Fans, unsurprisingly, are thankful for the determination.

The writer first tweeted asking whether fans of In the Flesh "would like a 90-minute special", and the reaction he received over the following few days made it clear that, yes, they very much would like that.

This wasn't just an isolated pitch; he later explained that he was pondering whether to write a special and pitch it to broadcasters, adding that, most importantly, the series would bring "closure".

Maybe I'll write it myself (90 minute special) and sell it to the highest bidder. Use @gofundme so I can put food on the table #InTheFlesh

— Dominic Mitchell (@DomMitchell) March 9, 2017

Mitchell also encouraged fans to tweet BBC3 and BBC America showing their support for the series – one look at the #InTheFlesh hashtag shows that users have answered the call.

Mitchell has always said how he wished he could have given the series a proper ending, telling last year, "I've always wanted to continue and conclude the story of In The Flesh in a satisfying way".

He has previously talked about bringing the series back as a film, but warned fans last year that it wouldn't be easy.

"In reality these things take time and, more importantly, money," he said. "I'd want everyone to be paid for coming back and making a film. I'm very pro paying people a decent wage. So getting the proper financing would be key. In a perfect world I'd love it if an independent company stepped in with the financing, but I'm not ruling out a Kickstarter style campaign."

Still, after the most recent show of support from fans, Mitchell is reassured, saying he will "put the feelers out".


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