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One year on since In the Flesh was cancelled, could the zombie drama come back from the dead?

Creator Dominic Mitchell is no longer so sure about a big-screen version – but he still thinks there's a future for Kieran and his fellow rotters

Published: Saturday, 16th January 2016 at 6:50 am

A year ago today BBC3’s Bafta-winning zombie drama In the Flesh was cancelled, to the horror of its loyal fans – but where does the future of the series stand now? Could there still be a film version, as was previously suggested, or could the living and undead of Roarton return in another way?


We put these questions to series creator Dominic Mitchell, who’s says he’s still keen for his brainchild to make a comeback in the future – but is no longer sure if a movie is the best option.

“I do think an In The Flesh film is still a possibility,” Mitchell told “In truth I'd rather a limited third series because once I'd started thinking about doing In The Flesh as a film I thought of all the story lines, characters and issues I'd like to address and not even a long movie would allow me the time to squeeze everything I'd like to see into a film.

“So a short third series (say, three one hour episodes) would be ideal. But I've always wanted to continue and conclude the story of In The Flesh in a satisfying way, and if a film is how that's going to happen, then so be it.”

Mitchell went on to discuss the difficulty in getting a film project of In the Flesh off the ground, as well as his reluctance to ask for too much help from his loyal fanbase.

“Lots of fans have been tweeting me, asking me where the film is already?” Mitchell said. “I wish it was as simple as just writing a script, getting the amazing cast and crew together again and shooting the sucker, but that's not reality.

“In reality these things take time and, more importantly, money. I'd want everyone to be paid for coming back and making a film. I'm very pro paying people a decent wage. So getting the proper financing would be key. In a perfect world I'd love it if an independent company stepped in with the financing, but I'm not ruling out a Kickstarter style campaign.

“However, the fans of In The Flesh have done so much already, I feel bad coming to them hat in hand asking them for more money. Ideally I'd hope that a production company would see the enthusiasm that the project was generating on Kickstarter or whatever funding site and step in with financing. That would be great."


In summary, stay strong fans of In the Flesh – the series may yet rise again.


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