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Here's what Versailles star Alexander Vlahos would do if he got his "dream job" in Doctor Who

With Peter Capaldi about to hand in his sonic screwdriver, could Versailles and Merlin actor Alexander Vlahos be in with a chance?

Published: Friday, 21st April 2017 at 1:20 pm

Merlin star Alexander Vlahos has his heart (or rather, two hearts) set on starring in Doctor Who – and he even knows how he would make the Tardis his own.


As a lifelong Whovian, Vlahos – who will soon be back as the Sun King's flamboyant brother Prince Philippe in season two of Versailles – has previously told us that he would "love to be the Doctor someday". The actor would even settle for a guest role. Just put him inside one of the Daleks and he'd be happy forever!

Now Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi is stepping down from the role, could this actually be his chance?

"I've got to stop talking about it, I think," Vlahos tells, clearly afraid of jinxing himself. "I think if I stop talking about it it'll happen. I think if I continue to blab on and say that I want to play it, it's never going to happen.

"I know the vacancy's up, and of course I want it. Honestly it's my dream job and I keep saying to my agent, 'If I ever played the Doctor I think I might quit acting after that.' So I think maybe she's not putting me up for it because she wants me to continue working."

But ignoring his own advice, Vlahos can't resist telling us what he'd do with the role.

"I would sort of take a lot more of Paul [McGann]'s Doctor, that romantic-ness, and a little bit of David Tennant in there for good measure," he says.

"And also because I'm a keen skater, rollerblader and ice hockey player, I think I'd try and get a half-pipe in the Tardis!"

Casting directors and set designers, take note.


Vlahos also has some wardrobe ideas that throw all the way back to the 70s and the Fourth Doctor.

He explains: "I want to bring back the hat that Tom Baker had. No modern Doctor has worn a hat yet, so that would be mine – with my big mop of curly hair, I'd put on a fedora."

Excellent plan – check out our artist's impression above. Although someone might have something to say about the Doctor's whole lack of a hat thing...


Versailles season two will air from 9.30pm on Friday 21st April on BBC2


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