Here’s the first trailer for BBC’s Les Misérables

The BBC’s ambitious six-part drama is hitting our screens soon

Lily Collins, Les Miserables (BBC, EH)

It’s one of the world’s best-loved musicals, with millions of the fans the world over having seen one of the many stage adaptations.


Now, BBC One are hoping to replicate its stage success with their own six-part drama of Les Misérables, releasing the trailer for the ambitious series as the centrepiece of their Christmas schedule.

Based on Victor Hugo’s classic 19th century novel, the trailer gives a glimpse of the ensemble cast – which includes Lily Collins, Dominic West and Olivia Colman – as they tell the story of Jean Valjean (West) who is relentlessly pursued by Javert (shaping up to be an excellent turn by David Oyelowo).

However, fans expecting to hear the people sing are set to be disappointed, with Andrew Davies treatment of the source material omitting any musical elements. So any actor looking to follow Anne Hathaway – who bagged an Oscar with her show stopping solo in the 2012 film version – is out of luck.

Luckily, Davies has form with successful TV adaptations. He crafted the 2016 version of War and Peace, as well as being responsible for the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice, making a household name of Colin Firth and his wet shirt. So even without the music, it’s likely people will be singing Les Mis’s praises.

Les Miserables

“This is such an intense and gut-wrenching story,” Davies explained earlier this year. “I am delighted that this esteemed ensemble of actors will be bringing it to life.”

Upon the news she would be playing Fantine, Collins said, “I’m so thrilled to be playing Fantine. Andrew’s wonderful dramatisation opens up the character in fresh ways that I’ve never seen before in previous adaptations.”


Les Miserables will air on BBC One over Christmas

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