Girls series two UK air date revealed

The second run of Lena Dunham's cult hit will kick off one day after the US premiere

Loving Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna’s attempts to navigate their twenties “one mistake at a time”?


Sky Atlantic has confirmed that the next series of Lena Dunham’s hit series will premiere in the UK on 14 January 2013, just one day after the US premiere. 

The Emmy award-winning show about a group of four dysfunctional and directionless twentysomethings – currently half way through its first series on Sky Atlantic – has been hailed for its funny and realistic portrayals of women and met with critical acclaim both here and across the pond.

So far, series one of the comedy has seen Hannah being financially cut off from her parents and mucked around by her sort-of boyfriend via sexting, disastrous internships and badly drawn-on eyebrows. Meanwhile, Marnie has broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Jessa has been a bad babysitter and Shoshanna has tried desperately to lose her virginity. 

Sky Atlantic announced that the fresh and funny comedy is set to deliver “a sophomore season packed with more insightful humour, sexual mishaps and twentysomething tribulations.” A number of guest stars have already been confirmed – including Donald Glover, Rita Wilson and Patrick Wilson – while Irish actor Chris O’Dowd is set to make a return. 


Catch the current series of Girls on Mondays at 10:00pm on Sky Atlantic