Game of Thrones fans say the latest series should have been longer

A poll finds that many viewers wanted more time in Westeros this year


This year’s Game of Thrones was jam-packed full of great moments, from Daenerys’ dragonfire destruction and Jon Snow’s White Walker war to the deaths of characters like Littlefinger, Olenna Tyrell and the Sand Snakes.


But now it turns out many fans wish they’d had even more epic scenes to choose from, with a new poll revealing that the majority of voters wished the series had been longer after HBO took the decision to cut the number of episodes from 10 to seven this year (the final series will be even shorter with just six episodes).

In our poll a whopping 79 per cent of voters believed the series was “far too rushed,” while 21 per cent believed the “quality over quantity” approach had worked.

And it’s a sentiment echoed by many other fans of the series across the internet, with many viewers voicing their displeasure at the series’ compressed timeframe on social media.


HBO can only hope that people are so grateful for the last series when it FINALLY arrives that they’re willing to overlook a few time jumps…