Should Game of Thrones season 7 have had more episodes?

The hit HBO and Sky Atlantic drama dropped from 10 episodes to 7, but was that a wise decision? Have your say...


Game of Thrones season 7 is almost at an end, with just 7 helpings of the hit HBO drama coming our way in 2017 (we see what you did there guys – nice), but did the show’s bosses make a mistake by cutting the number of episodes.


Seasons 1 to 6 were each comprised of ten episodes, but for the penultimate series bosses DB Weiss and David Benioff decided to tell us their story in just 7 instalments. Some fans viewed the decision as a massive mistake, and have suggested that this series moved much too quickly. Others, meanwhile, have said it was a brilliant decision which allowed the writers the opportunity to cut the excess and get right to the heart of the story – and feature more brilliant battles.

But what do you think? Was season seven much to short? Or was it just the right length?


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