New Apple TV+ series Extrapolations charts the world's future from 2037 to 2070, exploring the effects that climate change is set to have on humanity as we go forward.


The series features an array of stars in central roles including Meryl Streep, Kit Harington, Sienna Miller and Daveed Diggs, each of whom pop up for episodes as the timeline moves forward at a pace of years between instalments.

Diggs, who appears in the show's first and third episodes, set in 2037 and 2047 respectively, spoke with exclusively about his reaction to the ominous look at humanity's future.

The actor said that his episodes in particular "feel a little bit unavoidable at this point" and that the "third episode is pretty much, that's kind of where we're headed, and there's probably not a lot we could do to get back from that".

Sienna Miller as Rebecca Shearer in Extrapolations.
Sienna Miller as Rebecca Shearer in Extrapolations. Apple TV+

Diggs continued: "That's one of the saddest things about it, which I think is good that to me that episode is very funny, like it has a lot of jokes in it. I think it's good to offset the fact that that much of it is probably about what we're going to be stuck with.

"But everything that happens after that, our choices right now are going to have a huge effect on. It's scary but Scott [Z Burns, creator] and them have so much research to back this stuff up. It's wild but it's very real, and I think ultimately, for me, hopeful, because we aren't at episode 4 yet."

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The series's third episode follows Diggs's character Marshall Zucker, a Rabbi in Miami working at a prominent synagogue which is threatened with closure due to rising ocean waters.

The series comes from creator Scott Z Burns, who is known for producing climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth and for writing the prescient pandemic drama Contagion.

The release of Extrapolations comes days after one of Apple's most popular series to date, Ted Lasso, returned to the platform for its third season, with both series releasing new episodes weekly.

Extrapolations will debut on Apple TV+ on Friday 17th March 2023 — you can sign up to Apple TV+ here.

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