Even Victoria writer Daisy Goodwin was in tears after last night’s emotional episode

"Crying over your own work must be the definition of insanity"


Last night’s devastating episode of Victoria was so powerful even the show’s creator Daisy Goodwin – who penned the episode – couldn’t hold back the tears.


Goodwin tweeted her astonishment at finding herself tearing up while watching her own work.

She was not alone. The episode was packed with heartbreaking moments, thanks in part to Lord Melbourne’s health decline and the shock death of the queen’s pup Dash. It was all a bit much for many of the show’s viewers, who flooded to Twitter to wallow in communal sadness.

While it may feel like a bit too much to take, the series wasn’t embellishing for dramatic effect. The real Queen Victoria’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dash, passed away in 1840 too. As for Lord Melbourne, well

Let’s just say, Goodwin’s attention to historic detail suggests there’s more heartbreak on the way.


Victoria series 2 airs on ITV on Sundays at 9pm