Even the Mr Robot cast were sometimes confused by the plot of series one

Those twists threw the actors as well as the viewers...


Mr Robot fans are very excited about what’s going to happen in season two – not least because the website whoismrrobot.com has been uploading genius treats for the Amazon hacker series.


But even those who loved the show often found it perplexingly twisty – and they weren’t alone. It turns out the Mr Robot cast have had the very same problem…

“How many times in the beginning last season would we be like, ‘What? This doesn’t make sense!’” said Carly Chaikin, who plays Darlene, at a Vulture Festival event with co-stars Rami Malek, Portia Doubleday and Christian Slater.

When the cast returned for season two, which airs on Amazon on 13 July, some of the actors had to do a bit of googling to remember exactly what had happened in series one, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I have to Wikipedia our own show!” Doubleday, who plays Angela, added.


So if you thought you were bemused, spare a thought for the actors whose jobs rely on understanding the plot…