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Entourage director Doug Ellin: this is NOT the male Sex and the City

The man who helmed the film sequel to the hit TV show also tells that it's done well in the US - despite claims to the contrary logo
Published: Thursday, 18th June 2015 at 9:06 am

So Entourage... it's basically the male Sex and the City, isn't it?


WRONG! sat down with Mr Entourage Doug Ellin and he begged to differ.

"I don't see it like Sex and the City," he said of oft-made comparisons between Entourage and the Sarah Jessica Parker TV classic, which is also from the HBO stable. "Diner and Swingers were big influences to me."

Ellin wrote and directed the film sequel to the TV series, and was head writer on the original HBO series, which came to an end after eight series in 2011. In the video below, he also tells us he's happy with the movie's box office takings – even if some critics have been a bit sniffy.

"The people who actually paid money to go to the movie were very happy with it."

The film sees the return of the pampered scamps from the TV series who congregate around Adrian Grenier's superstar actor Vincent Chase.

Kevin Dillon once again plays self-obsessed actor Johnny Drama and Jerry Ferrara, the lovable Turtle.

Both told that the TV show will never return – but they'd love to do another movie featuring the fabled entourage of old friends.

The hit TV show wrapped with Vincent apparently in love, Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold giving up his job as an agent and the rest of the cast finding different kinds of happiness.

In order to get the film going, of course, that happiness is forced to unravel...


Entourage is released in the UK on June 19th


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