Emilia Clarke’s super proud she didn’t use a body double for THAT Game of Thrones scene

Was this the crowning moment of Daenerys Targaryen?


This week’s Game of Thrones ended in fearsomely flammable fashion, with Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen barbecuing some nasty khals before emerging from their burning building naked and unburnt.


It was a scene of crowning glory for the rightful queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and a nice moment for Clarke, who has expressed her pride at the fact that she didn’t use a body double for the nude scenes (as has been done by other actors in the series from time to time).

“This is all me, all proud, all strong,” the actress told EW. “I’m just feeling genuinely happy I said ‘Yes.’ That ain’t no body double!”

“Every season I get at least one spine-chilling moment. I just stand up and I go, ‘I’m hearing what you’re all saying, but funny thing, I’m going to kill you all. I forgot that I have an ace in my back pocket and now I win.’”


However, Clarke revealed that the scene wasn’t quite as arduous as a similar naked burning she filmed back in season one, with her moment of triumph shot on a closed set in Belfast and digitally added to scenes shot in Spain later on.

“Taking off my clothes is not the easiest thing, but with the magic of the effects, I don’t have to do a season 1 and go on a cliff and do it,” she noted. “I’m in control of it.”

The actress also took the opportunity to address rumours that she’d previously been unhappy about doing nude scenes, saying that she’d been “misquoted” in the past.

“It’s difficult to be misquoted and it’s nice to have something like Instagram to say the truth,” Clarke said. “How many times has [Daario Naharis actor] Michiel Huisman been asked about the fact he’s taken his clothes off a bunch? Is that even a discussion? No.

“So I’m doing it this year and people can talk about it and I’m ready to answer any questions about it, basically.”


Game of Thrones continues next Monday at 2am and 9pm on Sky Atlantic