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Will Gemma kill Simon in the Doctor Foster series 2 finale?

The BBC1 drama comes to an end tonight – but have the warring spouses already had their final battle?

Published: Tuesday, 3rd October 2017 at 4:48 pm

All eyes will be trained on BBC1 later tonight as Doctor Foster's second series comes to what will no doubt be a climactic conclusion.


When last we saw Gemma and her erstwhile husband Simon, he was tramping on foot down the road to "have a talk" with their poor son Tom. His ex-wife was in hot pursuit behind the wheel, and in the moments before the credits rolled, was seen swerving her car at speed in the direction of Simon.

The question remains: did she hit him?

Careful inspection of the footage suggests she did. Her car unquestionably veered in his direction, and Suranne Jones' Gemma had the sort of crazed, focused look in her eye that we saw when she dropped her wedding ring in acid or engaged in that aggressive sexual reunion with Bertie Carvel's serial philanderer.


But could she really have taken out the man with whom she's shared so much – the former spouse she claims is still obsessed with her, morphing his new wife into Gemma's clone? Or has Simon's insistence that he's staying put in Parminster – no matter how hopeless his situation – pushed Doctor Foster over the edge, once and for all?

We'll find out tonight. But depending on the outcome to that cliffhanger, the series finale will be one of two very different beasts.

Either we'll see Gemma and Simon continue to battle it out, regardless of the psychological havoc their relationship is wreaking on their son Tom (the terrific Tom Taylor). Or this final episode will see Gemma dealing with the fallout to taking out her ex, once and for all, in this epic, twisted battle of wills.

Both denouements promise high drama. And few TV shows can boast the sort of watercooler conversations Doctor Foster has inspired since it first burst onto the scene two years ago.

With the success of the second series, could there be a third? And who will be left standing to star in it?

That really is the question on everyone's lips.


Doctor Foster concludes tonight at 9pm on BBC1


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