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What did you think of that Doctor Foster ending? Have your say

Did you think series 2 was just what the doctor ordered? We want to hear your thoughts

Published: Tuesday, 3rd October 2017 at 10:00 pm

After years of waiting and weeks of watching, we’ve finally come to the end of Doctor Foster series two – and what a finale it was.


Mike Bartlett’s fifth episode brought the show to a dramatic conclusion, as Tom Foster bid farewell to his warring parents, disappearing in broad daylight.

What did YOU think of the tale’s conclusion? And do you think it marks the beginning or the end of the Foster family's story?

We want to hear your thoughts on series two.

Did you like the ending?

Young Tom Foster packed his bag and said goodbye to the family circus, leaving his warring parents distraught and the tale open-ended. His disappearance raised more questions than it answered – but was it a satisfactory conclusion to the tale of series two?

Will Gemma and Simon get back together?

Throughout the episode it seemed as though the ice in both Gemma and Simon’s hearts began to thaw. She had flashbacks of a life she’d lost while he suggested they might even be able to get back together. Will they? Could they? Is it possible?

Who do you think was villain of series 2?

Gemma and Simon

We’ve seen both Gemma and Simon doing some pretty despicable things to each other in series two and at times it was difficult to decide who was more badly behaved. Who was the real villain in your eyes? The GP or her ex-husband?

Did you like seeing Gemma break the fourth wall?

As we prepared to leave Parminster one last time, the camera panned in on Doctor Foster in her front garden. She was eagerly awaiting her son’s return and appeared to break the fourth wall to tell us, and Tom, that she’d be waiting for his return – whenever he was ready. Did the scene ring true with you? Or did you find the dramatic device a little off-putting?

Who gave the best dramatic performance?

The Foster family all put their best foot forward but who stole the show for you this series? Suranne Jones as Gemma? Bertie Carvel as Simon? Jodie Comer as newlywed Kate? Or Tom Taylor as young Tom Foster himself?

Would you like to see Doctor Foster return for a third series?


With all said and done, there’s inevitably talk of a third series. Mike Bartlett says it's possible but would you actually like to go back to Parminster one more time?


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