What time is Doc Martin on TV tonight?


The ITV comedy drama continues 9pm tonight (Wednesday 27 September), ITV.

What can I expect from the episode?

The tiny village of Portwenn is like a magnet for the unwell. Almost everyone who ventures into its pretty cobbled streets appears to be suffering from dangerously high blood pressure, psychosis, adult-onset asthma, kidney stones or leptospirosis (no, I don’t know, either, but that’s why we have Doc Martin – to diagnose obscure medical problems and grumpily spit out those Latin names). Hardly anyone has a mild touch of the flu or an ingrowing hair.

The first mystery illness belongs to pub owner Ken (Clive Russell), who swears he hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol for 18 months yet has an impaired liver function, while timid schoolgirl Astrid (Tipper Seifert-Cleveland) is complaining it’s too noisy at school. But it’s John Rahmanzai (Art Malik) who is the most intriguing. On a flying visit to Portwenn to scatter his father’s ashes, and coughing all the while, he discovers that Ruth Ellingham knew his dad – possibly rather better than he did.

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Who’s in the cast?

Martin Clunes returns as the titular doctor, alongside Caroline Catz (who plays Louisa Ellingham). A host of guest stars also star, including Sigourney Weaver, Caroline Quentin and new series star Art Malik. You can find out more about the cast and characters here.

Where is it filmed?

You can discover the real Portwenn and find Martin Clunes' favourite filming spots in Cornwall – with the help of our location guide, of course.

Is this the last series of Doc Martin?


No, but the end is in sight. The tale of the uptight GP will end next year with its ninth season. Clunes told Radiotimes.com: “We start making [series 8] in spring and it’ll probably be on air in the autumn,” he says. So [series 8] is the second to last.”