Do you want a Sherlock spin-off featuring Mary Morstan and Molly Hooper?

Amanda Abbington and Louise Brealey made quite the impression in the Sherlock special – but would a show starring the two leading women of Sherlock work?


From Mrs Hudson to Irene Adler, the women of Sherlock have often stolen the limelight from Holmes and Watson, none more so than Molly Hooper and Mary Morstan.


The duo, played by Louise Brealey and Amanda Abbington, upped the ante in the recent Sherlock special, beating the sleuthing boys at their own game, with Molly even growing a moustache to get ahead in a man’s world.


Oh Hooper. Oh you.

In fact, the pair made such an impression that viewers couldn’t help but wonder what a show led by Mary and Molly would look like. Could the duo have their own Sherlock spin-off?

The ladies seemed utterly chuffed with the idea too.

With Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s schedules filling up, could a Hooper and Morstan spin-off help fill the gap between series? Perhaps it could provide the perfect platform for lesser spotted characters like Irene and Holmes’s ex-fiancé Janine to make a comeback?


Would you like a Mary and Molly spin-off? The vote is afoot.