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Death in Paradise's Ralf Little and Josephine Jobert reveal what's going on 'behind the scenes' in hilarious video

DI Neville Parker seems to be getting on quite well with DS Florence Cassell, who has returned to the BBC drama for season ten

Death in paradise tik tok
Published: Sunday, 9th August 2020 at 10:39 am

Josephine Jobert is back as DS Florence Cassell in the new season of Death in Paradise – and it looks like she and Ralf Little (DI Neville Parker) are having a LOT of fun filming the Caribbean crime drama.


The French actress, who has made a surprise return for the upcoming tenth season after leaving the Death in Paradise cast at the end of season eight, posted a video of herself and co-star Little taking an "I Just Flipped the Switch" Tik Tok selfie video, dancing to the track Nonstop by Drake (and swapping costumes when the switch, as they say, flips).

"That’s what’s happening behind the scene when we’re not on set," Jobert posted. "No comment needed."

Jobert's character DS Florence Cassell left the show part-way through season eight after a dramatic two-episode storyline in which she was injured – and her fiancé Patrice (Leemore Marrett Jr) was murdered. Though she survived the attack, she told her boss that “Saint Marie’s a small island, and I don’t think there’s anywhere here that doesn’t have a memory of Patrice in it,” and so she made the decision to quit her job and move to Martinque.

DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O'Hanlon) was devastated to see her go, and the Honoré police department was temporarily depleted – that is, until DS Madeleine Dumas (Aude Legastelois) turned up to become his new second-in-command.

But turnover has been high. Last year, DI Mooney returned to London and was replaced by DI Parker (Ralf Little); the BBC has also just revealed that DS Dumas will not be returning for the new season and "will be departing Saint Marie’s sunny shores."

Into the vacancy steps DS Cassell, who is back on Saint Marie and ready to solve some crimes.

Ralf Little, Josephine Jobert in Death in Paradise
Ralf Little and Josephine Jobert in Death in Paradise (BBC) BBC / Red Planet

But as the BBC puts it, "Florence thinks she’s ready to get back to work after her fiancé’s death two years ago – but she hasn’t banked on her new boss, Neville. As she tries to understand his peculiarities, sparks are bound to fly…"

At least it looks like the actors themselves are getting on like a house on fire?


Death in Paradise is expected to return to BBC One in early 2021. While you’re waiting visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.


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