Could Shetland’s Tosh get her own spin-off?

Author Ann Cleeves has an idea


The Shetland TV series is based on the novels by Ann Cleeves, but it doesn’t follow the books slavishly. One of the biggest changes is the character of Tosh, who was created for the show.


“The Tosh character was created by David Kane for the first episode, she isn’t in the books,” executive producer Elaine Collins explained during a special Radio Times panel at this year’s Cheltenham Literature Festival. “I said to Davey, because he’s brilliant at funny female characters, can you write one of those wonderful women that you write?”

As played by Alison O’Donnell, Tosh quickly became a fan favourite. And as for the original author? Well…

“I am deeply jealous that I didn’t create Tosh. I might write a series of novels just about Tosh!”

O’Donnell saw her chance and took it.


“I’m available for the TV adaptation!”