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Could Downton Abbey's Daisy and Andy get a spin-off rom-com?

We're not sure about Julian Fellowes, but star Michael Fox is keen...

Published: Wednesday, 3rd February 2016 at 2:40 pm

The drama took its final bow on Christmas Day, but star Michael Fox, who played footman Andy, is already missing Downton Abbey.


"I am. It's a great job and I look back on it with such fond memories," he told us at last week's Radio Times Covers Party. "As an actor, you always want to go back to that group of actors who you loved working with and the scripts you love."

He's looking to the future though and a move away from service (his dream role, he tells us, would be in a slick Mad Men-style drama.)

But he'll have to wait until rumours of a Downton Abbey film die down. Or come into fruition...

Fox hasn't been party to any discussions since filming wrapped on the show's final series: "My discussion would be, 'Would you like to do the film?" "Yeah, yeah. I'll do the film!" My discussion would be very late on in the process."

"But who knows?" he says, "I think people would like to see it. Hearing what Julian [Fellowes] has to say about it I think he's more than willing to write it and that would be a great opportunity. I'd love to do it."

When it comes to what the film could be, we have some ideas. An Andy and Daisy spin-off, we suggest...

"Just Andy and Daisy? Yeah. People wouldn't mind that, would they? I'd be more than happy with that!" he says.


"It was never really clear how their relationship evolved so there's still room for that to grow maybe."


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