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Clique star Leo Suter: the BBC needs to make more British teen drama series

Former Victoria star Leo Suter believes the BBC could redress the balance with streaming services like Netflix by making shows that reflect the "unique" experience of growing up in Britain

Leo Suter, Clique (photographer Joseph Sinclair, groomer Daisy Holubowicz)
Published: Saturday, 10th November 2018 at 8:30 am

Clique star Leo Suter has said that the BBC should be working to create more dramas for teens and younger audiences.


The actor, a new addition to the cast of BBC3's university-based thriller, told that shows like Clique are able to explore the "unique" experience of growing up in Britain in a way that American teen drama cannot.

“The BBC should be making programmes for everyone in society,” he said. “What I like about Clique is that it’s a British teen drama, and they approach that age group and that genre in a way that maybe the load of American teen dramas (which are very good) wouldn’t.

“There’s something very unique about the British adolescence that we would do well to explore.”

Clique returns for a second series after its first run on BBC3 proved a success for the online only channel. Newcomer Suter, who featured in series two of ITV drama Victoria, joins the drama as alluring new 'clique' leader Jack.

The series is created by Skins writer Jess Brittain, who said being able to return to the show for a second series was a “privilege”.

“There’s not many uni set dramas and channels like BBC3 that allow you to dive into some difficult areas and cast a bunch of young, unknown actors and loads of women,” she said.

It’s a sentiment Suter, 25, echoes.

“It allows the BBC to demonstrate British talent and British actors, Scottish talent and English writers, and it’s just really important that we show what being a teenager in Scotland is like.

“That doesn’t really exist on Netflix,” he added. “It’s not really about rivalry [between broadcasters], it’s about broadening the material out there.”

Synnove Karlsen and Leo Suter in Clique series 2 (BBC, EH)
Synnove Karlsen and Leo Suter in Clique series 2 (BBC)

Suter's role as the brooding Jack marks a change from his previous role as Edward Drummond in the previous series of Jenna Coleman-led drama, Victoria.

Leo Suter Drummond Victoria S2

After his stint in Clique, Suter is now heading back to period drama, filming for ITV’s Beecham House created by Gurinder Chadha.

“It was really nice to show some versatility and get stuck in to a contemporary script,” he explained. “My new show is a world away from Clique.

“Varying my work and making sure I continue to be challenged and interested in roles is important. I wouldn’t want to rule anything out. If the material is exciting and engaging, then I want to be part of it.”


Clique returns to BBC3 on Saturday 10th November 2018 at 10am

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