Class writer Patrick Ness announces he will not pen any more series

“With unbelievable regret, I won't be writing anymore Class, even if a season 2 moves ahead”


Patrick Ness, the writer and creator of the Doctor Who spin-off series Class, has announced he will not be writing any more episodes of the series.


The BBC has not officially commented on the future of the series, so technically it could still go ahead without Patrick Ness at the helm.

Ness confirmed his withdrawal from any new series of Class with a heavy heart on Twitter…

Class, which was initially released on BBC3 before landing on BBC1, is set to the backdrop of Coal Hill School (the school of the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan; and the workplace of his last companion, Clara). It follows a group of teenagers as they navigate not only the perils of adolescence, but the literal perils of a shadowy alien force.


On BBC1, Class was screened as a late night double bill, where it struggled to find an audience.


Ness expressed his bafflement about BBC1’s scheduling on Twitter.