Can we deduce the air date for Sherlock series four from this hint?

It's elementary my dear fandom...


Sherlock series two and three were both broadcast in January. So was the Sherlock special. Filming on season four, meanwhile, is due to begin this spring. Let’s be honest, the idea that the new series might be with us in January 2017 is not blowing anyone’s mind, but it’s still nice to have another piece of evidence that backs it up (after all, no seasoned Sherlock fan would ever dare hope it might be sooner, would they?)


This particular clue comes from Stateside, and specifically PBS, who broadcast Sherlock over there.

Speaking at this year’s Television Critics Association winter press tour, PBS president Paula Kerger told Zap2it “We do have the next Sherlock announced, that is coming up about a year from now.”

About a year from now. Now, being January and next year being 2017.


Sherlock is coming next January. It’s elementary.