Call the Midwife is back for another episode, and as summer draws to a close in Poplar, the pupil midwives are coming to the end of their training as they prepare to sit their final exams - and Rosalind (Natalie Quarry) is doing all she can to cram before the big day.


Over at, we have an exclusive first look (above) at Sunday night's episode, including a peculiar way Rosalind begins studying.

In the clips, Nurse Phyllis Crane (Linda Bassett) can be seen entering the bathroom to a fright as Rosalind is sat studying, to which Nurse Crane questions why.

"It's not so much the exam, but having to answer questions from a whole panel of people all trying to poke holes in my work," Rosalind said.

Nurse Crane attempted to reassure the young midwife, and replied: "It's simply to ensure you can explain your thinking and argue your case."

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But Nurse Crane has an interesting idea as to how she can help Rosalind ace her exams.

The pair put on some gym clothes and begin working out as Crane quizzes Rosalind on possible questions that could appear in her exam.

"We are going to train your brain to be ready for anything in that viva," Nurse Crane tells her, before they begin jumping jacks.

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As season 13 continues, viewers will begin to see Rosalind forge her own path, but will face some obstacles along the way, according to actress Natalie Quarry.

Speaking at the Radio Times Covers Party 2024, Quarry spoke exclusively to about what's in store for Rosalind.

She said: "I think that Roz kind of faces some struggles with how invested she gets with patients and how much time she wishes... I feel like she should take on them, but [it's] maybe to the detriment of her own wellbeing.

"Also, her tendency to kind of run into things and say things that maybe she shouldn't have said, like in the previous episode with Sister Monica Joan, she kind of just says stuff without thinking about it, that maybe is not the best thing to say.

"I think that that comes up here and there - things for her to sit back and think about, for sure."

How will Rosalind fare in her looming exams?

Call the Midwife continues on BBC One at 8pm on Sunday 11th February 2024.

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