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Call the Midwife viewers are already in love with new recruit Lucille

The latest addition to Nonnatus House lit up a particularly teary episode of the BBC drama

From plunging into the big freeze of 1962-63, to the heartbreaking death of an elderly Mrs Gelin, Call the Midwife opened its seventh series with an impeccable tear-jerking episode.


However, there was one ray of sunshine to brighten up a potentially gloomy instalment: new midwife Lucille Anderson.

The show’s first black midwife, played by Leonie Elliott, not only wowed Trixie with her midwifery knowledge, but immediately won over viewers with her kindhearted nature:

And Twitter users praised the series for reflecting the diversity of midwives:

Others are already hoping Lucille will forge strong friendships over the series…

And although the new addition didn’t stop many from missing departed couple Patsy and Delia…

Advertisement looks like Lucille has firmly settled into Nonnatus House:


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