The Call the Midwife Christmas special is almost upon us and its stars have been teasing what we can expect from the annual TV event.


Speaking about what's in store for Trixie and Matthew, Helen George said: "It's their first Christmas together as a married couple, so it's one of those awkward years when they're trying to work out what they're going to do.

"And Trixie doesn't really have any family apart from Nonnatus House, and of course he's a Chelsea boy, so does he really want to spend Christmas in Poplar?"

Olly Rix continued: "And despite what they might want it to be, they don't get the choice. They have this house guest [Trixie's brother Geoffrey], and they have all these obligations at Nonnatus House. He's just sort of screaming inside."

"He hides it well," said George.

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"With a smile, or a grimace," added Rix.

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George went on to discuss the dynamic between Trixie and her brother, and how Geoffrey's presence impacts Matthew.

"They just kind of settle back into that sibling relationship where they love each other dearly, but can wind each other up and all the rest of it," she explained. "He's a really fun energy to have around and so different from our relationship, Trixie's relationship with Matthew.

"They [Matthew and Geoffrey] are just such different entities, so the clash of the two of them together, Matthew raising an eyebrow and Geoffrey's flourish, it's a lovely juxtaposition of characters.

"And I think they complement each other very well. You can imagine how they were brought up. And there are lots of lovely scenes where... we refer back to our childhood and our father and the unhappiness, and how they both learned to use comedy and glamour as a way of distorting the truth."

Matthew and Trixie in Call the Midwife
Matthew and Trixie in Call the Midwife BBC / Neal Street Productions

This year's festive special kicks off two weeks before Christmas with "Apollo 8 poised to circle the moon". But back at Nonnatus House, "Sister Monica Joan is convinced this could be her last Yuletide and decides she'll not live to see man walk on the moon", prompting her friends to take action in an effort to "lighten her state of mind".

Elsewhere, "Nancy has recommitted to staying at Nonnatus House", "Cyril gently intervenes when he discovers a lost soul living alone in a dilapidated basement flat", and Nurse Crane, who is away on her refresher course, attempts to make it back in time for Christmas.

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