Bid for Doctor Who and Match of the Day memorabilia in BBC Television Centre equipment auction

There are television gems to be found in the online auction for BBC Television Centre, from the Match of the Day set to a Doctor Who backdrop

BBC Television Centre is no more, but while the studios may be gone to property investors, members of the public have a chance to bid for a little piece of television history in a special online auction.


Auctioneers Peaker Pattinson are holding a second online auction of some of the itmes left behind by the BBC when it handed Television Centre over to developers in September this year.

Most of it is camera and studio equipment, alongside a strangely generous collection of old washing machines (wonder what celebrity smalls have spun through those over the past 50 years?).

But amongst the electrical bric-a-brac there are some genuine jewels to be found, from the Match of the Day backdrop to signed Strictly Come Dancing photographs and a Doctor Who canvas.

This is the second-such auction to be held. The last one held in June raised £90,000, and included a desk from the set of Newsnight.

The auction closing date is 7 November, so if any of these items take your fancy you will have to move fast. Here is just some of the memorabilia that caught our eye in our Television Centre Bargain Hunt. Click on the headlines to place your bids!

Match of the Day backdrop

At 22m long, this is hardly a “small” piece of sporting TV history, but the Match of the Day backdrop from 2007-11 is perfect for anyone who’s ever thought they could do a better job than Alan Shearer.

Doctor Who canvas backdrop

We’re not quite sure where this Matt Smith-era canvas backdrop came from within the warren of BBC TVC, but that yellow warning barrier makes us want to get very close indeed. Imagine this beckoning you over from the corner of your living room every evening…

Strictly Come Dancing signed photograph

Series six of Strictly Come Dancing – yes, the one with John Sergeant – was a highlight, and this signed photograph of all the celebrity couples must have been missed by the moving team.

Morecambe and Wise print

This is the house that Morecambe and Wise built. A true piece of Television Centre nostalgia.

BBC Sport prints

If the Match of the Day studio is a bit too big for the average home, this jumbled collection of BBC Sport prints should fill the gap.

BBC illuminated sign

How confused would your neighbours be if you hung this up outside your house?

David Bailey’s Box of Pinups

A well-worn copy of photographer David Bailey’s 60s celebrity snaps, including this iconic Beatles spread.

Keep Out studio sign

A Christmas pressie for the shy and retiring – or perhaps a novel toilet door sign?

BBC microphone in wooden case

“This is the BBC Home Service…”


Studio clock

Never crash the pips (or miss the train) again.