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8 things that happen in the Victoria series finale

Jenna Coleman's Queen Victoria quite literally goes out with a bang

Published: Wednesday, 5th October 2016 at 3:27 pm

It seems like just yesterday we began humming “GLOOORRRRIIIIAAAANNNNA HALLLLEEEELLLLUUUJJJJAAAAH’ but it’s almost time to say goodbye to Jenna Coleman’s Queen Victoria.


If you tuned in last week you’ll know the Queen is heavily pregnant and preparing for the birth of her first child, but with forces working against her in both the public and political spheres, and drama brewing in the palace, she’s not going to have much time to put her feet up.

Here’s what to expect from the series finale…

1. Victoria’s still not feeling this whole pregnancy thing


Our poor monarch was utterly devastated when jumping up and down on the sofa ten times did nothing to reverse the effects of herself and Albert’s amorous antics and, with her pregnancy progressing swiftly, she’s not feeling much better about it all.

The Queen is used to being the centre of attention, and she’s not eager to share the limelight with her growing baby bump.

2. The return of an old enemy doesn’t make things any easier


Baron Bomburst strikes again. What has the King of Hanover got up his sleeve?

3. Someone’s plotting something sinister – but could it be connected?

There’s a man in a room, scribbling furiously on a piece of paper as he receives instructions.


Could he be in cahoots with the King of Hanover? And what’s he plotting for our Victoria?

4. Everybody’s still obsessed with what happened to Princess Charlotte


The last time the royals were gearing up for a big birth it all ended in absolute disaster, with the death of Princess Charlotte and her baby wiping out two heirs to the throne.

King Leopold, who lost his wife and son in the tragic incident, is worried about his niece. The servants are shaking in their boots at the thought of the Queen’s potential demise. And Victoria’s absolutely terrified of following in her cousin’s fatal footsteps.

Baron Bomburst is feeling really good about the whole thing, though. In fact, he wouldn’t mind if history were to repeat itself…

5. Ernst returns to sex, ahem, we mean SHAKE things up


When last we saw Albert’s big brother he was sniffing a handkerchief like there was no tomorrow and heading home to Hanover after Albert sent him packing for flirting with a married woman.

Now 'ol "sexyboots" is back for the birth of his niece or nephew, but is the baby really the only thing that’s inspired him to make the long journey?

6. Francatelli makes Nancy a very tempting offer


The first time we watched the chef pursue the Queen’s number two gal we were convinced that he was a right creepy so and so.

But over the past few weeks Francatelli has endeared himself to both the viewers and Nancy. Has he done enough to woo the young woman with his professions of admiration and admissions about thinking of her while he’s at his “sugar work”?

7. Someone fires a gun


The Queen is NOT amused.

8. And there’s another new version of that VERY catchy theme tune

You’ll be humming it for the rest of your days...


Victoria concludes on ITV on Sunday October 9th at 9pm


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