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7 things that happen in Outlander series 2 episode 6

Claire makes a promise and Murtugh learns the truth in the next episode of Outlander

Published: Thursday, 12th May 2016 at 7:50 am

Claire's wearing maternity clothes


She's been hiding her bump under her skirts, but there's no concealing it anymore. The arrival of baby Fraser is imminent. Not that Claire's slowing down. She's still plotting, working at the hospital and generally refusing to take it easy...


The King is clamping down on the dark arts


The executioner from L'Hopital des Anges is preparing for mass, gruesome executions. Master Raymond is in trouble, and Claire could be too for being associated with him. But that doesn't stop her risking it all to warn her friend.


We haven't heard the last of Jamie's duel with Black Jack


He might have promised to wait a year before killing Randall, but Murtugh is confused and far from impressed with his charge of heart. While the deadly rivalry between Jamie and his nemesis refuses to be put to bed.


Claire poisons Jamie


Calm down! Only as part of an experiment to see if they can feasibly fake the effects of smallpox, infect St Germain's men and scupper Bonnie Prince Charlie's plan to profit off his wine deal.


ANOTHER new plan is made


Nothing is straight forward when that pesky prince and the slimy St Germain are concerned. But how far will Claire and Jamie go to prevent the Jacobite Rebellion?


Murtugh is let in on a secret


And it's about time too. Claire and Jamie's loyal companion has been blindly following them since the start of season two, without knowing why. This episode will see Claire finally reveal what she knows about the future - and how she comes to know it.


A promise is made


Remember in episode one when Claire said Jamie had made her promise to go back? Weren't we confused... Well, now it makes much more sense. When the couple have a heart to heart, Jamie makes Claire promise that "if the time should come" she will go back through the stones - and back to Frank.


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