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17 tweets that perfectly sum up the reaction to the new Twin Peaks

Warning: contains spoilers and many confused tweets

Published: Monday, 22nd May 2017 at 9:16 am

TV doesn’t get more brilliantly confusing than this. Last night (or very very early this morning for the 2am simulcast, we should say), the first two episodes of the new Twin Peaks finally aired, set a whole 25 years after the original mystery drama finished.


And straight from the goosebump-inducing titles, fans were swept away with Peaks fever…

Which quickly gave way to the show’s default emotion: sheer terrifying confusion…

Why? Well, firstly it turned out that Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) hasn't exactly been his old self for the past 24 year; the slick FBI man has been replaced by his evil doppelganger, a long-haired, grubby-shirt-wearing man.

Yes, you heard: long-haired.

But fear not, as the real Agent Cooper was trapped in the lodge from season two all this time. And the Lodge Cooper has been keeping his hair in fine condition… 

But this Lodge Cooper wasn’t just sitting around all nice and short-haired. He was chatting to a mysterious entity...

Not the suited dwarf played by Michael J Anderson, but a brain on a tree that sparkles with electricity. Of course.

And he also got chatting to an older version of a certain Laura Palmer…

Who revealed the light with her face. Nope, nobody else understood that either.

And then came a cube. THE cube. Somewhere in New York City, a young man was tasked to watch over a large glass box. What’s inside it? Nobody knows…


Which was all part of an off-beat opening, one that made viewers remember why Twin Peaks creator David lynch is king of surreal TV.


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