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13 Reasons Why cast record new content warning video ahead of season two on Netflix

The new message show stars Katherine Langford, Dylan Minette and more talking about the show's difficult issues, and what viewers can do if they are affected by the series

Published: Thursday, 22nd March 2018 at 10:31 am

The cast of Netflix teen drama 13 Reasons Why have recorded a new video warning viewers of the show's sensitive ahead of the premiere of season two, which is expected later this year.


The video sees stars Dylan Minette, Katherine Langford, Justin Prentice and Alisha Boe speaking directly to camera about some of the themes the show covers, including sexual assault, substance abuse and suicide.

"If you are struggling with these issues yourself," Boe says in the clip, "this series may not be right for you, or you may want to watch it with a trusted adult."

Minette adds, "If you ever feel you need someone to talk with, reach out to a parent, a friend, a school counsellor, or an adult you trust, call a local helpline or go to".

In the UK, the website contains links to mental healthy charity The Samaritans and helpline Childline.

Watch the message in full below.

The move comes after the show faced criticism in the wake of the release of its first season.

Schools in Canada reportedly banned discussion of the series and some mental health authorities have said that the graphic scene in the final episode risks ‘glorifying’ suicide.

In response, Netflix created additional warnings and title cards notifying viewers of the sensitive nature of the series. The new video above is set to play before the start of each season.


There is no scheduled release date for 13 Reasons Why season 2, but this move may suggest that an announcement is imminent. Keep your eyes peeled.


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