13 Reasons Why season two returned to Netflix for season two on Friday 18th May 2018.


All the cast return for the new episodes, as the characters try to move on from Hannah Baker's suicide and the events of season one.

Hannah herself will also play a key part in the new episodes, with Katherine Langford returning to her breakout role.

The new cast members are profiled here, but if you need a refresher of the cast and characters from season one, check out the starts below.

Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford)

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13 Reasons Why may be moving on from Hannah's 13 tapes in season one, but Hannah herself still plays a significant role in season two. Clay find he can't get his lost love out of his mind, and she is also seen in frequent flashback scenes as all the characters try to deal with the tragic events of the first season.

Who plays Hannah Baker? 22-year-old actor Katherine Langford became a breakout star following her performance in the Netflix show, and was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2018.

Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette)

Clay continues to seek justice for Hannah in season two, but is also struggling to keep his life together and move on. When he stumbles across a series of Polaroids pointing to a larger conspiracy in the school, he is determined to follow wherever they lead.

21-year-old actor Dylan Minnette has had an impressive career already, with roles in series including Prison Break, Lost and Saving Grace. He's also a musician, playing with LA band The Narwhals.

Justin Foley (played by Brandon Flynn)

Justin is one of the first people on Hannah's 'list' of reasons. He was her first crush when she moved to the area, but things quickly turn sour when he betrays her trust. In season two it's at first unclear where Justin has run away to, but Clay and Tony eventually discover what's happened to him...

Who plays Justin Foley? Young actor Brand Flynn appeared on CBS series Braindead before bagging one of the key roles on 13 Reasons Why. He's since landed a role in the third season of True Detective.

Jessica Davis (played by Alisha Boe)

Jessica's story will be a "central part" of season two following her sexual assault by Bryce in season one. Still traumatised by her experience, she returns to school while attempting to recover from what happened to her.

Who plays Jessica? Alisha Boe has appeared in Sky Atlantic series Ray Donovan and Hulu series Casual.

Tony Padilla (played by Christian Navarro)

Tony fulfilled his duty to Hannah Baker in season one, but still wants to help Hannah's mother Olivia as she prepares to take Liberty High School to court over her daughter's death.

Who plays Tony in 13 Reasons Why? Christian Navarro appeared in HBO series Vinyl, and also has credits in shows such as The Affair, Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Amazon's The Tick.

Olivia Baker (played by Kate Walsh)

Jackie (Kelli O'Hara) and Olivia (Kate Walsh) in 13 Reasons Why season 2 (Netflix)

Hannah's Mum is determined for Liberty High School to accept responsibility for failing to protect her daughter. Season two sees her taking the school to court, but she could be about to learn some painful truths about Hannah in the process...

Who plays Olivia Baker in 13 Reasons Why? US star Kate Walsh is probably best known for her role in the hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy playing Dr Addison Montgomery, the estranged wife of Patrick Dempsey's character Derek Shepherd. Her character also features in the Grey's Anatomy spin-off Private Practice. More recently she appeared in the first series of TV reboot Fargo.

Andy Baker (Brian d'Arcy James)

Hannah's Dad too is left broken by his daughter's death, and when season one begins he and Olivia are living apart. Will the trial bring them back together, or separate them for good?


Stage and screen actor Brian d'Arcy James was one of the original stars of hit Broadway musical Hamilton, and featured in the 2015 Oscar-winning movie Spotlight. On demand, you can also catch him guest starring in Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle as Beethoven.