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What time is Snow Bears on TV this Christmas?

Prepare for a cuteness overload

Published: Tuesday, 26th December 2017 at 9:04 am

If Blue Planet II got a little too bleak and scary for you at times, BBC's upcoming one-off documentary on baby polar bears should serve as the perfect chaser.


Billed as a "fun-packed, snowy adventure", Snow Bears looks set to focus on the cutesy side of things, as opposed to the grim realities facing the vulnerable bears in the face of increasing climate change. So, it's probably more likely to improve your festive mood than to hinder it.

What time is Snow Bears on TV?

Snow Bears will air on Tuesday 26th December at 6:30pm on BBC1.

What is Snow Bears?

A documentary which charts the journey of two polar bear cubs travelling 400 miles with their mother in search of a wildlife-rich patch of ice surrounding the North Pole. A statement from the BBC assures that their journey will be "fun-packed", though whatever that may mean for wild animals on a gruelling hunt for food is up for discussion. They're also set to meet a host of other animals along the way including reindeers, narwhals, walruses and arctic foxes.

Are there any more cute pictures?


None for now – but we promise to put them your way as soon as more arrive.


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