What time is Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes on TV? What’s it about?

Everything you need to know about the new ITV documentary series

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Wednesday 8th August 2018 on ITV 

Pictured Paul O'Grady outside Great Ormond Street Hospital 

In this brand new six-part series, Paul O'Grady immerses himself in the iconic Great Ormond Street Hospital. Warm, life-affirming and peppered with Paul's trademark uplifting humour, this series is a celebration of the brave and remarkable children who come to the hospital for life-changing treatment. 

Having been a children's care worker in his twenties, Paul is accustomed to hospital life.  He meets children that come through the hospital doors for various treatments and of course offers a helping hand where he can. 

Photographer: John Stead 


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What time is Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes on TV?

The series was on Wednesdays at 8pm, ITV


What is Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes about?

In a six-part series, Paul O’Grady meets children receiving life-changing treatment at the iconic Great Ormond Street Hospital.

What can we expect from the first episode?

Who says a TV trip to hospital must be traumatic? The staff at Britain’s most famous children’s hospital work to maintain a happy vibe, and that’s reflected by Paul O’Grady’s tour of the Great Ormond Street wards, in this first episode at least. A former social care worker himself, O’Grady is on cheery form as he meets charming, articulate kids living with everything from cystic fibrosis to legs full of steel pins.

There aren’t too many cases crammed into half an hour, so we spend plenty of time with each patient, all of them allowed to shine by O’Grady, who’s often the straight man in a comic partnership. And if there’s a lovelier moment on telly this week than Lara, a girl nine years into her cancer treatment, singing in the hospital chapel, you’ll be lucky.


Review by Jack Seale

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