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These dogs had the best time watching BBC's Big Cats

They're pawtentially a bit biased...

Published: Thursday, 25th January 2018 at 5:34 pm

Last week the nation's cats tuned in to watch the BBC's latest documentary about their not-so-distant-and-every-bit-as-potentially-murderous cousins, but this week it was time for their historic rivals to raise the stunning series' viewing figures.


Across the nation, dogs tuned in to catch the latest episode of Big Cats, a nature documentary so visually stunning (and narrated rather superbly by a purring Bertie Carvel) that'd it lull you into a state of Cheshire-cat-style hypnosis...until one of the pretty kitties pounced on a defenceless junior member of the food chain.

Bodhi was absolutely loving it, according to his owner.

Toby, however, felt it required close monitoring - just to be sure there was no 'furry BBC bias', probably.

Young Olly - who appears to have had quite the day - proved tough to please.

Lucy demanded a starring role of her own.

And as for BBC Front Row's John Wilson's pupper? Well, it seems he wasn't sure the new show was worth his licence fee.

The final episode in the series airs next Thursday night on BBC1. We personally can't wait to see what the mice make of it...


Big Cats continues on BBC1 on Thursday January 25th at 8pm


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