Netflix’s Cheer cast: Where are they now?

Catch up with the cheerleaders of Navarro College


From its origins based solely in the United States, cheerleading is now gradually building in prominence all over the world.


Netflix’s recent documentary series Cheer gave viewers an insight into just how intense the sport can be, requiring very high levels of commitment and physical fitness.

So where do Gabi Butler and the rest of the Navarro College cheerleaders find themselves now, following the events of Daytona’s national competition?

Here’s where the cast of Cheer are now…

Gabi Butler

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“Cheer” is out now on Netflix ❤️

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Who is Gabi Butler? Gabi Butler is the most prolific cheerleader to feature in Netflix’s documentary, with more than 835,000 followers on Instagram and no intention of slowing down.

Where is she now? She’s currently a member of the Top Gun cheerleading squad, which can boast 12 world champion titles overall.

Lexi Brumback

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Honey, I’m home ???????? #fiofmu

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Who is Lexi Brumback? Lexi was one of the most compelling figures on Netflix’s Cheer, having come from a troubled past which included run-ins with the law.

Despite this, she had risen through the ranks of Navarro’s cheerleading team to become an extremely talented gymnast, but was forced to leave when she took responsibility for illegal substances found in a car she was travelling in.

She moved back in with her grandmother in Houston.

Where is Lexi now? Many fans were devastated when Lexi wasn’t able to accompany the team to the national competition in Daytona, but they may find a silver lining in one of her recent Instagram posts.

An image uploaded to the site in January seems to suggest that Lexi could be back on the team, seeing her posing with her Navarro friends with the caption: “Honey, I’m home.”

Jerry Harris

Who is Jerry Harris? Jerry became a firm favourite among the lineup of Netflix’s Cheer, with many viewers utterly charmed by his larger than life personality.

Much to their delight, he made it to the Daytona finals as seen on the show.

Where is he now? Jerry is still dedicated to the sport of cheerleading, currently serving on both Navarro’s squad for another year as well as the 2019 world champions, Cheer Athletics Wild Cats based in Dallas, Texas.

Morgan Simianer

Who is Morgan Simianer? Morgan was another member of Navarro College’s squad to have a troubled past, relating to her early years growing up in a trailer with only her brother.

Fortunately, things took a turn for the better when her grandparents took custody of them both and she went on to become a vital member of the team.

Where is Morgan now? It’s unclear whether Morgan is currently on a cheerleading team, but she has been active on social media responding to viewer comments and thanking them for their support.

Mackenzie ‘Sherbs’ Sherburn

Who is Mackenzie ‘Sherbs’ Sherburn? Sherbs was another Navarro College cheerleader for whom the road to Daytona didn’t go exactly to plan. She was forced to drop out after sustaining a bad injury during practice.

Where is Sherbs now? Fortunately, she has been able to make a full recovery and is now cheerleading again, this time for Texas Tech University. While there, she has been reunited with a fellow Cheer star…

Austin Bayles

Who is Austin Bayles? Austin was a member of the Navarro College squad featured in Cheer, who injured his ankle at Daytona.

Where is Austin now? He too has joined the Texas Tech cheerleading squad, where he once again trains with his fellow Cheer star Mackenzie Sherburn or ‘Sherbs’.

Monica Aldama

Who is Monica Aldama? Monica is Navarro College’s tough but fair Cheer coach who has become a standout among the show’s many lively personalities.

Where is Monica now? With a number of championship titles to her name and an obvious passion for the sport, it should be no surprise that Monica is still coaching Navarro’s cheerleading squad.


Cheer is currently streaming on Netflix