Kate Garraway wants to film follow-up to Finding Derek: “There are more stories to tell”

The GMB presenter wants to follow up on her husband's progress in another documentary.


Kate Garraway wants to invite the cameras back in following ITV’s Finding Derek.


Earlier this year, the Good Morning Britain presenter opened up about her husband Derek Draper’s battle with coronavirus in the ITV documentary.

In March 2020, former lobbyist and political advisor for the Labour party Draper was hospitalised with COVID-19. He remained in hospital for over a year and has since returned home but is still living with severe health issues and complications as a result of the virus.

Speaking at the National Television Awards 2021, Garraway revealed she’d like to give viewers an update on her husband’s health in another series, saying: “There are more stories to tell.”

Asked whether she’d like to follow up on the documentary, she said: “Yes, is the simple answer. There is a lot of challenges that we’re facing now. I am now experiencing being a carer, and the challenges that are there.”

She added: “We all know social care has been in the headlines for lots of reasons and for lots of reasons people need support with health and social care. There are definitely more stories to tell. Let’s hope that Derek’s voice will be giving the stories. We know he’s in there. We just have to get him out.”

The documentary followed Draper’s slow recovery from COVID-19 as he returned to consciousness after being placed in a medically-induced coma.

In one particularly tough scene, Derek sad that he felt he “can’t go on”.

“I managed to record that moment, and actually was quite a long period,” Garraway said at the time. “That particular moment was actually a night when I was in here and I was on air the next morning – because it started late at night and I didn’t want to come off the FaceTime with him and I wanted to show I was still with him.

“We kept FaceTiming through the night and then on the way into work I asked if they could put Good Morning Britain on in there so he can see where I am.”


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