DIY SOS aired its Grenfell special and emotional viewers were full of praise

Viewers were left crying after children told Prince William about friends they lost in the tower tragedy

Nick Knowles, DIY SOS: Grenfell (BBC)

DIY SOS: Grenfell – a BBC1 special that saw Nick Knowles and his team rebuild a youth boxing gym which was destroyed in the 2017 tower fire – brought viewers to tears last night.


Over the course of the first of two episodes, the DIY team constructed a new state-of-the-art gym for the young people that lived in and around the tower block.

And viewers couldn’t hold in their emotions as the children asked for the new community hub to contain a drawing of Grenfell to commemorate those who had died in the tragedy.

In particular, those watching at home were moved when the children spoke to Prince William about the friends they had lost in the fire.

But through the tragedy, audiences were left with a message of hope and happiness after the children were invited inside the gym…

And overall, viewers were in complete praise of all who helped the build.


DIY SOS’s Grenfell special concludes on Wednesday 12th September at 9pm on BBC1

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