Never mind the politics, here’s the shoes – how Theresa May’s One Show interview avoided the big questions

The PM's appearance on the sofa alongside her husband Philip was a tabloid-friendly PR exercise - and no Matt Baker zingers in sight


It was fluffy teatime magazine The One Show – Theresa May was never likely to get the kind of grilling she might expect from Andrew Marr or Newsnight.


And yet there was always the slight hope that presenter Matt Baker might go rogue again, like he did with the last prime minister in 2011, chucking in a deadpan killer question at the death – “How on earth do you sleep at night?” – which left Mr Cameron reeling.

No such luck this time though, not even a question on fox hunting or the NHS (and one on Eurovision rather than Europe) as the PM took to the sofa alongside her husband Philip in a clever humanising PR exercise that The One Show hosts seemed very much on board with – even if not all their viewers felt the same way.

A question about whether Theresa or Philip put the bins out prompted the Prime Minister to share the regressive message that there are “boy jobs and girl jobs”.

The scintillating section on sartorial taste very much toed the tabloid line and included a story from Theresa about how her shoes had persuaded a woman she’d met in a lift to get into politics.

Yes it was a predictable PR stunt but surely it’s too soon for claims of BBC bias?


That will have to wait until Jeremy Corbyn has done his turn on The One Show…