Historian Dan Snow has the best response to Fox News’ claim that London is ‘defeated and demoralised’

He's showed just how wrong Katie Hopkins' comments are


The horrific terror attack in Westminster may have shocked the nation, but there’s certainly one thing it hasn’t done: defeated London.


However, Fox News commentator Katie Hopkins took to the airwaves on Thursday to say Londoners were afraid, cowed and disunited.

Well, would you believe it, that doesn’t look too accurate a claim. Case in point: this video from TV historian Dan Snow, who recently filmed his way to work across a very cloudy, but completely normal Thursday across the capital.

Sure, nobody actually smiles in the video and we’re now very worried Dan Snow works in a pub, but it’s a perfect example of the Keep Calm and Carry On attitude of the capital.

And Snow isn’t the only one to challenge Fox’s take on events: people are directing the broadcaster towards the hundreds that united at a candlelit vigil in Trafalgar Square on Thursday evening to remember those who lost their lives in the attack.

While Labour MP Chris Bryant said that it was business as usual at the Houses of Westminster on Thursday morning.


In summary: