One of the worst storms in decades, Storm Eunice, is battering the UK, forcing school closures, causing travel chaos and leaving homes without power.


But it’s the skill of pilots that seems to have captured thousands of people’s attention thanks to a live stream from London Heathrow airport.

Jerry Dyer, from Big Jet TV, has been streaming footage showing planes visibly shaken by high-speed winds as they attempt to land during Storm Eunice on Friday (18th February).

More than 216,000 people were watching his feed at the time of writing, gripped by pilots attempting to land in dangerously windy conditions, as well as Mr Dyer’s enthusiastic commentary of the drama.

London is under a rare red weather alert until 3pm, meaning there is a risk to life, and winds of up to 70mph have been recorded at Heathrow.

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Mr Dyer has been filming the footage from a field next to the airport and providing passionate football-esque commentary on the action.

You can watch Big Jet TV live on its YouTube channel right here.

The live stream has quickly become one of the most popular things on the internet and is currently the second biggest UK trend on Twitter behind #StormEunice itself.

Big Jet TV livestream (Big Jet TV/ YouTube)
Big Jet TV livestream during Storm Eunice (Big Jet TV/ YouTube)

While admitting that Storm Eunice had provided a “gold dust” viewership for the channel, Mr Dyer reminded his audience how difficult a task the pilots had resting on their shoulders.

“The wind is now really starting to pick up. You’ve got to give it to these pilots man,” he said during the live stream.

“Inside that cockpit, it’s massively intense. There’s so much going on, you’ve got the non-flying pilot who’s reading out all the parameters, the altitude, the speed," he added.

“You’ve got the pilot who’s trying to control the aircraft, he’s manipulating the throttles, he’s bringing the aircraft in, he’s getting kicked around by the winds.”

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