Viewers hungry for more helpings of Porridge after one-off remake

There’s an appetite for a full series of the prison comedy starring Kevin Bishop – although it wasn’t to everyone’s taste


Sunday night’s remake of classic 70s sitcom Porridge has left many viewers hungry for more.


The one-off helping of the prison-based comedy – starring Kevin Bishop as the cyber-hacking grandson of Ronnie Barker’s original jailbird Fletch – was received warmly by the majority of readers, who made it clear they had an appetite for a full series.

“Just watched the new episode of Porridge. Loved it,” said reader Sarah Hill. “Kevin Bishop was a chip off the Barker block and my daughter couldn’t drag herself away and she wanted me to record the subsequent episodes – alas couldn’t find any just yet to record. Looking forward to seeing Porridge scheduled at some point in the not too distant future.”

“Kevin Bishop was great as Fletcher’s grandson. Not laughed so much in ages.” Said Trish Shuker. “Do hope BBC make a new series with those actors.”

“Loved it, very funny, Kevin Bishop played grandson Fletch brilliantly,” agreed Caroline Harvey. “More please.”

“Absolutely LOVED the remake and was disappointed to see it was only a ‘one off’.  Please can we have a L-O-N-G series,” echoed Karen Fraser.

“For half an hour on a Sunday night, Britain could sit down as a family, and laugh,” said Andrew Stowe. “Would a series work? I’d watch it!”

Of course, an attempt to bring back such a well-loved series was never going to satisfy everyone…

“Ronnie Barker would be turning in his grave,” said one viewer, while another was definitely not behind a full series, saying “Please tell me that this is a one off!”


All in all, though, it was a positive reaction to a new episode of Porridge – one that will certainly give BBC commissioners food for thought…