Veep season 2: watch the new trailer

Armando Iannucci looks set to deliver a snappier, edgier second run of the comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Vice President

Veep, the HBO series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the US Vice President, returns in the States on 14 April, with a UK airing on Sky Atlantic soon after – and the new trailer seems to promise meatier, character-driven comedy as Selina Meyer gets more deeply involved in real, dirty politics.


“The big change we’ve made is that we see Selina get closer to power and closer to the President,” says showrunner Armando Iannucci (also the brains behind the BBC’s own political satire The Thick of It), adding that the supporting cast’s personal lives are also explored more than they were in the highly acclaimed first run. “We’re just getting to know these characters, so in season two that’s something we want to explore more.”

See the clip – which contains some strong language – below.