Vajazzling and Benedict Cumberbatch: how Conan O’Brien will conquer the UK

The US talk show host says he knows the way to the British heart...

Pale, ginger and with a surreal sense of humour, American chat show legend Conan O’Brien could pass for British, if he weren’t eight foot tall and full of joy.


Nevertheless, with his show Conan coming to truTV on 4 August, the former Simpsons writer has promised to “change and alter my show to make it more British”.

Speaking at the channel launch, Jay Leno’s nemesis showed off his knowledge of British culture, declaring that from now on “I will be vajazzled, every night! Benedict Cumberbatch will be interviewed every night! Wayne Rooney will sing… EVERY NIGHT! Wayne Rooney will be vajazzled, every night!”

Then he toasted the Queen and “pissed off”.


Welcome to the UK, Conan.